I’m new here

You probably don’t know me, and that’s ok, welcome to my journey.  I’m Alison, a 38 year old wanna be writer.

I have always known somewhere inside me I was a writer. A writer who is afraid to write. I was astounded to find out as a young girl that when you wrote something down you no longer had control over it. So I stopped writing and became a reader instead, writing only when I had to get my thoughts on paper so I could see what I thought ( and destroying the evidence.)

Now I’m a wanna be writer,  and I find myself spending lots of time reading about writing. Looking at Pinterest posts about writing, talking to my friends about writing, I believe this is the contemplation phase. While this has my undying interest, it still isn’t writing, so here I am.

I’m hoping to learn here, and grow, and talk about the process of learning how to do this. I’m hoping to find some like minded people who are on this journey as well.